Lone Star Tactical Services

On-site Security

Mobile Security

Personal Security

Ranch/Property Security

We specialize in providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of ranches and properties. Our Ranch/Property Security Services are designed to ensure the safety and protection of your valuable assets, livestock, and land.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We are available for any consultation services for private investigation, Home Defense and Security Plans, or anything requiring our broad scope of security services.

Private Investigator

Private Investigation Services

Call for specifics

Event Security

Event Security

The State of Texas requires licensed and commissioned armed security officers at events where alcohol is being served or consumed. We provide armed security officers for events at venues for private, commercial, military functions, churches, malls, and even school properties. (Call for specifics please)

Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training

This course or service is designed for an instructor to come to your place of Business, Churches, School Staff, Restaurants and more. and provide specific “how to respond to an active shooter” training for your employees and facilities. Within six months after the training, our staff will assess your facility with a simulation exercise.

Confidential Delivery

Courier Services

We provide unarmed and armed courier services for private, commercial, or government, magistrate, legal, or medical needs.


Executive/Personal Protection Agent (Bodyguard)

(Bodyguard for Individuals, Families, VIPs, Dignitaries,, etc) When your teenagers are ready for their first concert or big event, don't send them unprotected. If you, you and your spouse, or your family are traveling or even staying home and you want to rest assured they will remain safe and protected, put your trust in us with a highly-trained combat veteran and experienced Executive or Personal Protection Officer for that at your side. We provide these types of protection for same-day events, overnight events, local or traveling events, weddings, baby showers and any other special events you may have.

Armed Transportation

Armed Transportation of High Valued Items

If you or your business are in need of moving or transporting anything of a high cash or sentimental value locally, out of town, or even out of state we can provide an armed security officer or a team of personnel to ensure your item(s) are delivered safely to their intended destination with 100% confidentiality.

Home Invasion

Home Defense

Protect your family by having a plan. With the help of Lone Star Tactical Services your family will be will prepared for most common needed security and self defense situations.s.

Business/Retail Protection

Don't risk losses due to loss of power and no security camera or alarm system. And don’t let your business be destroyed,vandalized, or robbed during or after a natural disaster. Let Lone Star Tactical Services protect your assets and business.

Lone Star Tactical Services has proudly partnered with Elite Fleet Event Services for all your event staffing, bartending and event valet services.

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Lone Star Tactical Services

We offer a multitude of armed security services to help protect you, your business and assets, and even your friends and loved ones.  We are also a training school that can offer classes and courses to Abilene and the West Texas / Big Country area by bringing the training to you if needed.  Call us or register today.–